About us

Stichting Abunai! (Abunai! Foundation) originated from Konnichiwa, a student anime club which was actively organizing marathons, meetings and workshops on the University of Twente. In 2002 Konnichiwa organized the first Abunai! convention, since there were obviously too little anime conventions out there to accommodate all you fans.

By organizing this anime convention Konnichiwa had less and less time for organizing its own events for the fans in and around Enschede, which is why during Abunai! Cats Crossing (2004) we decided to split up and start a foundation whose main focus is to organize this yearly convention.

Our goals

Our main goal is to spread the knowledge about the Japanese culture in the Dutch society. We do this by organizing a yearly event concerning anime, manga and the Japanese culture. In the future we want expand by organizing different activities with this same goal.